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long billed godwit

Drake Canvasback


Drake Pintail

Bald Eagle Catches a Pike

This bald eagle was flying right at me when he caught this pike. It pays to carry the camera while a guy is...

Juvenile Bald Eagle

I photographed this juvenile bald eagle just off county road 3 in Pine County near Stevens...

Drake Redhead Duck at Sundown

This drake redhead was in a pond near Arizona State...

Mule Deer Buck at Tower Fall

This mule deer is in the field just to your right as you leave the Tower Fall campground in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Pete Riola  

Bugler Near Canyon Yellowstone Park

I saw this bull elk just south of Canyon in Yellowstone Park. Mornings and evenings are good times to look for elk near...
Pete Riola

Pete Riola

Chief Procurer

ABOUT THE PROCURER Hoping to one day have the time, energy and funding to seek more photography opportunities. In the mean time the images on this site are a sampling of imagery that will have to do.


Well I haven’t sold any wildlife images but I have sold images of houses, doors, yards, products and other odds and ends for my website projects.

 Contemplating Selling Prints and Digital Images

Preferably for dollars but willing to consider options

Per Photo

Contact me.




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